Have a ring girl hold onto your jock strap, because this one is
not like your normal MMA training, and it’s kinda weird – but this shit works!
This technique can be used between rounds. It requires some
pre-fight practice. The first time that you use it, it will take
approximately five minutes. Once you’ve learned how to do
it, it will only take a few seconds at most.

CNS Crazy Eyes actually rewires the Central Nervous System
(CNS). Once you learn and experience this technique, it is
permanently wired; and it will get stronger the more you use it
in your MMA training regime.

1. Identify a challenge that you’re experiencing. For example,
“I’m tired”, “I think my rib is broken”, or any other physical
feeling that is taking away your focus. Acknowledge the location
of that feeling in your body as well as imagine what it would look
like of you could actually see it. Concentrate on that for a
moment until you can recall it quickly.

2. Stop doing step 1. Now, stare up between your eyes at a
45-degree angle